Software to Design, Develop and Deliver Your Machines

Need an easy way to configure your devices, program your controller using the language of your choice and visualize your HMI applications?

Rockwell Automation has FREE downloadable software called the Connect Components Workbench software.

Our Connected Components Workbench™ design and configuration software offers controller programming, device configuration, and integration with HMI editor. Need help getting started with the software? Watch this video for more information:

  • Easy to Configure – Single software package reduces initial machine development time and cost
  • Easy to Program – Simplify programming process with sample code and user-defined function blocks
  • Easy to Visualize – Reference Micro800 variables directly when creating HMI tags


Connected Components Workbench Software

  • Additional support for Micro870® controller with twice as many instruction steps and expansion I/O modules as current Micro850® controller
  • Additional device support includes: PowerFlex® 755T AC drive and GuardShield™ 450L-E Safety Light Curtain with muting and blanking
  • PanelView™ 800 graphic terminals are enhanced with FTP (alarms, data log, recipes), email client and printing over Ethernet and USB

Connected Components Workbench Software Version — Feature Pack

  • Shorten Micro800™ controller programming time
  • Search for and add instructions with ease using Instruction Toolbar
  • Share code between Connected Components Workbench and Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software
  • Program in your preferred environment by switching instruction names between default IEC and Logix themes
  • Improve controller integration with PanelView™ 800 tag import/export function for CompactLogix™ 5370 controllers and Micro800 controllers

Download Software Quick Tips:

Need help with installing software?  Our Royal Industrial location has created a tutorial video on how?

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